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Technician Question Pool and Study Versions 


The different versions of the U.S. Technician question pool in this directory are for both study and self-testing. A description of the edits made to the original pool are below:

Revised Element 2 Tech.doc – The original current (as of July 1, 2010) question pool in its entirety.

Revised Element 2 Tech Edited.doc – Same as above but all the errata and other unnecessary stuff removed.

Revised Element 2 Tech Edited TestSheet.doc – Al the questions but the answer letter for each question is removed so you can use for testing.

Revised Element 2 Tech Ansers Only.doc – All the questions, but only the correct answer is left in place, the others are gone. I highly recommend you use this version for study. Simply read it through, each question and the correct answer. Probably best to do this at least twice if not more. Then when you test yourself the correct answer will jump out at you.

Good luck!

Download the RAR package here (about 300 KB)

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