Selling a Slice of Paradise Pie in Costa Rica

My XYL and I decided it's a good time to add to the lad's college fund now that he's actually started college and free up some more time for other projects, so we are dividing our farm and selling pieces or the whole shebang if someone comes up with our price. We wouldn't be leaving Costa Rica in any case, however, just moving to a different part and becoming renters.

There's no need for me to go into all the details here as it's all laid out on my other blog, in this post about our sale and on this fixed page that gives more details about each lot.

Special deal for hams who want to buy the house: I'll throw in my rigs and antennas at no extra charge! That would be a couple of full K2s, 500W amp, lots of tuners, etc. and 3 antennas already up.

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