Ham Radio Wallpaper from 2012 ARRL DX Contest

One year plus about a month's delay in our usual mail forwarding scheme it took for my ARRL DX CW award certificate to arrive! I'd been wondering if I was supposed to make a separate application for the award in addition to having submitted my log.

At that time, I'd racked up over 600 Q's and calculated a max score north of 96,000, all on 40 meters. I didn't learn until later that I needn't have busted my buns quite so hard, since it turned out I was the only participant in my category from Costa Rica! HI HI! A single QSO would have won me the certificate.

2012 CW ARRL DX Award certificate
2012 ARRL DX Award for Single-Band (40M)
No regrets, there, however. It was an experience unlike any I'd had before, working pile-up after pile-up, which tested my endurance (and the patience of those whose calls I had trouble decoding) and improved my skills. Always room for more improvement, of course. One area might be to reduce dups as you can see there's quite a difference in points between my estimate and the 85K I actually received.

I might have tried my hand at it again this year, but the contest snuck up on me before I knew it, so I didn't have time to prepare. Plenty of other contests throughout the year, though, at which I'd like to dip my paddles into.


  1. Good evening Casey, very nice work and 600 contacts is very impressive. It's going to look very nice on the I love me wall as I call it.

  2. Thanks Mike. :^D The I Love Me Wall! I like it. I'll have to find that wall as we have too many windows and not much wall space that isn't take up with other things. Most of my ham wall paper is in a box somewhere. 73.


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey