WebSDR Server New and Improved Update

A few days ago, Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, PA3FWM, e-mailed an update to the WebSDR server code, and I installed it yesterday. It's now running on my Linux box for my 30 meter Softrock II Lite SDR at the usual place: http://ti2na7u.zapto.org:8080 *. It listens via the 125 meter skyloop antenna.

websdr server waterfall 30 meters
30 meter band on WebSDR server
Besides bug fixes, making the server more CPU-efficient, and a few sysop features, there are a number of new user features that you may like to try:
  • FM demodulation (turned off in my server)
  • Memory channels, so you can store your favorite freqs.
  • Volume control (slider in HTML5 browser, otherwise text)
  • Squelch, which responds to modulation, not signal level, so no threshold to set.
  • Automatic notch filter for SSB
  • Frequencies typed in the chatbox are now clickable
  • Labels on the frequency axis can have a mode and are clickable
  • Option to compact the display of other listeners, so the Chatbox
      is closer to the other controls
  • Removed the Java version test applet, which reduces the number of Java popups
  • Noiseblanker for strong local noise spikes (admin settable)
  • View last 20 log entries is again included
  • Support for RTL-SDRs: cheap USB DVB-T sticks used as general-purpose amateur SDRs
  • There's an experimental feature to invoke an external program to decode and report WSPR signals. (contact PA3FWM for details).
  • Support for 116 kHz samplerate (needed for one specific SDR).
Enjoy and 73!

* it's usually running on weekends, Fri-Sun.


  1. Anonymous19/3/13 07:22

    hello !

    pliz where did you get the server software ?

    on which yahoo group ?


    1. You have to request it directly from PA3FWM. His e-mail address is on websdr.org. 73!


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey