Do You Read My "life in Costa Rica" Blog?

Thank you everyone! I won the gold award, which I now proudly display on my blog, A Dull Roar. Couldn't have done it without you loyal readers! 

If you do or don't, please consider stopping by my latest post on A Dull Roar, and follow the link to to add your review and rating of ADR. Each review until 1000 UTC on the 17th adds to my total points there. Whoever amongst C.R. bloggers gets the most reviews wins a Gold Award badge for display on their blog. A minor award, for sure, but I'd like to win it just the same! :)  73, Casey

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  1. Well Casey you're already on 20 reviews. Good luck winneing the award! 73, Bas

    1. Yeah, just saw that myself! Thanks Bas. I'm only 2 ahead of the second place blog now, so could use some padding. 73!


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey