Too Busy For Ham Radio

Really wish I had something interesting to post, but I've been so busy writing article on Hubpages, trying to get critical mass over there. Some of the articles are about projects I've been doing in parallel, which take time as well. I now have 17 articles up, 5 of which are ham radio related (and several more of those are in the works). The only QSO I've had lately was UA2K. I just wanted to quickly try the amp to bust the small pile-up and got him on the first call. 

The good news about the Hubpages thing is that it's already paying off. Small so far, but better than the blogs combined. So, that's good news for my readers, too, as I'll be taking down the ads on here soon. They're just not worth it for the pittance I receive and I know they must annoy some people. They annoy me!

Believe it or not that WinKeyer USB that I assembled back in April still isn't in use. I found it only recently buried under a couple of manuals. It's in the house shack staring at me from the shelf, so soon I will get it hooked up and try it out with N1MM Logger. 

Same truck as our new one, but ours is not nearly in as good as shape as this one

We bought a new truck lately, a GMC 2500 Silverado 1 ton, which is a real monster, but will be much for useful on our farm than the small Mitsubishi. It's also inspired me to install my Ten-Tec Scout in it, so that's another project for the list. First, though, I need to do some maintenance on the antennas. The quad's rotor is finally out of commission, but I have the refurb kit to get it going again. And, I still haven't taken down the folded VK2ABQ so that I can straighten the mast. 

Meanwhile, if I don't post here very often, you now know why.  73!
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  1. Hi Casey, wonder why there is a CB radio photo on your article here. Or is it build in the Silverado hi. ;-) 73, Bas

    1. HI HI, Nice catch Bas! The caption that came with that photo and the Flickr site identified it as an amateur radio and I didn't look closer. Check out the radios in the new picture to see if they are ok. :)

  2. Good evening Casey. every now and then I had wondered what type of income was generated from the add hosting on a blog. Very nice truck by the way and I have just down sized due to gas prices and the 1 hour each way back and forth to work. The gas at this time can go from 1.25 to 1.40 per litre. Nice to hear your work on Hubpages is doing well.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Gas is about the same here. If I could get a personal eBay account it probably would pay more, but Amazon is not worth it unless you get a LOT of views. Adsense is OK, though. Hubpages has their own ad program plus I can run eBay ads, which pay well.

    That is a long commute OM.


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey