Amateurfunk - Amateur radio video from 1955

Southgate ARC put up this short film made in Germany in 1955, all about the state of the hobby back then, over there. It's a real treat, even if you don't understand German. Just looking at the walls of equipment is worth the time to view it. To my eye it looks like 90% of the equipment is home-brewed, but maybe I'm just mistaking that for the state-of-the-art manufacturing during that era or maybe it's military surplus.

ham radio operator from 1955After I  watched this short German documentary, I went to YouTube to see what other vintage ham clips might be out there and there are many. I've added a couple more below. Besides illustrating the rich history of our grand hobby, they demonstrate the amount of work and knowledge our predecessors possessed. Many fine old boatanchors can be spied in these films.

Don't miss the Drake mobile unit in the convertible at about 1:50 in the video above!
K7UGA, Barry Goldwater, ex-Presidential candidate, enters the picture at 11:48

Field Day at 11:00, Johnson Matchbox tuner at 11:50

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