Take Your Ham Radio Blogging Up A Notch

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I know that several Cloud Warmer readers also write their own ham radio blogs. We're sort of an in-bred group that way, hi. As bloggers you may or may not get the urge to increase your readership or your "social reach" as Facebook puts it. I do have that urge and have been engaged in a lot of activities the last couple of months in order to bring more eyeballs to my blogs, all 3 of them. It's been bearing some fruit, but it's a lot of work and there are a lot of scams out there that may increase your "views", which don't result in much repeat business.

One of my fellow bloggers, who I met via Bloggers.com, however, has been "elmering" me in various aspects of how to be read more widely, and one of her best suggestions has been to join Hubpages.com. If you like writing, and want to take what you're doing right now up a notch, then I recommend you sign up.

The writing required there is a more formal than our casual blogging style. They, frankly, have a lot of rules. They don't, for instance, tolerate copyright infringement, but they give you the tools necessary to avoid that. Generally, they post articles of high quality. As an article nexus they bring in a boatload of traffic and can help you reach many more readers, whom you can also link back to your own blogs. They have revenue sharing programs, too.

I just posted my first article (about how I became a ham), which they call a "hub" (I don't know why), and it's here. I'm not going to make it a regular practice to link to my hubs from here, but since this is the first one, I want folks to visit it so that I get a running start. And yes, that link is a referral link, so if you do decide to join Hubpages and get revenue from your articles I get a small cut. The cut doesn't come from your revenue share, though, it comes from Hubpages' share.

Another reason I'm promoting Hubpages here, on Cloud Warmer, is that I noticed the dearth of Ham Radio related articles there. There are barely more than  a dozen posts and some of those are on CB radio! So, in that category you would not have a lot of competition. I'd certainly like to see that segment grow on their site and I know our blogging community has a lot to offer.  73!

p.s. published my second amateur radio "hub" today! 
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  1. Hi Casey, I'can't open your "first" article on hubpages. I've been exploring hubpages though, and it seems to be nice. You can even earn money with blogging as far as I can read. I'm certainly interested. 73, Bas

    1. I'll try to see what I can do to fix that Bas. We have been without Internet due to a storm and fallen trees since Wednesday afternoon.

    2. I think the links should work now.

    3. Yes it works Casey, I'd read the article. Great! I think I will be posting something on hubpages soon. There seems to be a large community behind it as well as you had a few comments and fb likes. At the other end it attracts a lot of traffic that you probabely did not want after all. Anyway, I think it's nteresting enough to give it a try.
      73, Bas

    4. It is an interesting site, but it takes a while to learn the ropes. Put up my second hub yesterday, also on ham radio. I'm going to start a different non-ham topic for the next one, but there is so much to write about ham radio and very little good ham content there. Anyway, I like it, too, because I can step out of the niches of my blogs and write about just anything!

    5. Writing about anything other then HAMradio attracts me too in it. 73, Bas

  2. Good evening Casey, very interesting place for sure. In the morning while having coffee I will give the site a good look over. Never heard of this place thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey