Is A Reset Of Radio Regulation Coming in Costa Rica?

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This from one of the "serious" newspapers in Costa Rica today:
El Ministerio de Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (Minaet) debe ordenar el uso de las frecuencias del espectro radioeléctrico (que incluye frencuencias de radio y televisión) así como el otorgamiento de estas. Esta es una de las principales disposiciones de la Contraloría General de la República en un informe dado a conocer esta mañana...
The jist of this, in English, is that the nation's comptroller has recommended that the current governmental department that is responsible for managing the radio spectrum (and to the point, Costa Rican hams) should be examined to see if they are doing their jobs and, if not, their jurisdiction should be taken over by a different department (MINAE).

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The current responsible body is SUTEL, which took over the old, long-standing government body about two years ago. SUTEL is so in over their heads that for about two years Tico hams couldn't even renew their licenses, there is still no formal reciprocal operating agreement for foreign hams (except N.A. hams via a letter of understanding), and the dream of all ex-pat hams, such as me, of ever obtaining a real TI call may again be slipping away. Sigh...

TI5KD, the president of the national radio club has been working long and hard to push SUTEL along with respect to ham radio issues, so I will soon try to get his take on this situation. Probably wishful thinking, but maybe a takeover by MINAE would move things along faster?  I can always dream, can't I?

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  1. Good morning Casey, it seems the wheels of government turn very slow all over the place. If the change does go through then one would hope the situation would improve from where it is now.


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey