First Time on Six Meters, CW and WSPR

Argo V and 6M transverter

It's been a long time since I had a sked with TI7/AA2UP. We happened to cross paths via e-mail recently and he suggested a CW sked and I suggested we try 6M since I knew this would be a forcing function on me to try out the Ten-Tec 1208 6M transverter that's been sitting atop my auto-tuner for months. Despite scant instructions in the manual, it's pretty easy to hook up and coupled with the Argonaut V I had it working in short order. Our QSO, however, was a failure even though his station is only about 180 Km away. My expectations were low, however, especially given that all I have at the moment for an antenna is the rooftop vertical. Anyway, we completed a QSO on  40 meters shortly thereafter.

Not wanting to give up on 6 meters quite yet, I decided to set up for WSPR on that band and let it run while I tend to other things today. That effort is underway as I write, though it took just a little head-scratching as I couldn't use CAT because the Argo V itself doesn't have that band. I got it running by turning off CAT and keying with VOX with the Argo V in split mode 14.293/14.295, which is the input freq for the transverter, which adds 36 MH to that. It seems to be working, but not making any contacts yet, of course, how can I really tell?

At least I'm not the only optimist on the WSPRnet map! Naturally, if I manage to make any kind of 6M QSO, you will be the first to know. 73!

WSPRnet map of six meters

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