Jamaican No-Coders

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 ""Youngsters that are in the physics department at UWI, and even sixth-form students are having difficulties in an attaining amateur radio licence because of Morse code being a requirement. It is no longer being used in radio communication throughout the world," he added."

That's a quote from Nigel Howoy, the new head of JARA (Jamacian Amateur Radio Association). Surprising, on two points. 

1. I thought every country had already dropped the Morse Code requirement, so why was Jamaica holding on to it (not that there's anything wrong with that!).  

2. It is no longer used in radio communication? I hope that is just an out-of-context snippet reported by an ignorant journalist. If not, then why is this guy the head of anything having to do with Amateur Radio? 

I'm also having a bit of trouble believing that those sixth-form "youngsters" are really applying themselves with regard to the code. They are probably putting more energy into whining to Mr. Howoy about doing away with the requirement.  He even states, preposterously, that young would-be amateurs are migrating to Canada and the States in order to obtain their licenses without the code! You have got to be kidding me. That kind of expense and jump-hooping (believe me I know) is about 20 times the effort of learning Morse Code at whatever level is required by Jamaica. The article doesn't say, buy I'm going to guess it's 5 WPM. Oy vey!
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  1. Proud of being a KNOW Code YOUNG Ham !!!! :)

    (licensed since 2008 at the age of 16 and since that a CW operator)

    1. As well you should be Stefano! Wish I'd started out that young, but it's certainly a hobby you can get into at any age. 73!

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