Softrock 30M Web Address Change - Port 8080

I was wondering why my WebSDR server wasn't showing up at so I shot off an e-mail to the author, PA3FWM, to ask if I'd mis-configured the server. It wasn't really a problem with the server config, but with the DNS configuration. The WebSDR server expects the external and internal ports to match, so my Port 80 redirection was confusing it. 

The Softrock Lite II on top of the Johnson Matchbox receiving from 400' loop
Thus, I simply reverted my setting to simple DNS host and left everything else as-is. This means that you have to add the port number to the DNS address:

Immediately after that change, my server now shows up at the bottom of the list on 


  1. Good morning Casey, up to this point I had never heard of websdr. Very nice just had a fast look at things and when I get some time this week I will look a bit deeper. Do you have to be a member to log into the different SDR stations?
    Have a great week.

    1. Hi Mike,

      No membership required, it's all free, free, free. Be sure to check out PA3FWM's experimental rx on that page. It covers 0-19MHz and has some nice tuning/scaling features.



  2. ok Bahr,
    i dont undustand about thats tools...
    but its nice blog... great..keep blogging


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey


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