Moving the Softrock to WebSDR

It's been a blast having the little Softrock RX available to the world via SDR-Radio's server. I keep the audio monitor on (at a low level) so I almost always hear the static start up when someone connects, if I'm in the house. Unfortunately, I can't run it 24/7 due to our nearly daily thunderstorms here during the rainy season.

A few days ago Pieter-Tjerk, PA3FWM, sent me the package for his WebSDR server. In preparation, I configured my PC in the workshop station to dual boot Linux (Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot). The last couple of days I've been installing and configuring the server in my spare time and yesterday I had the server running sans RX.

It actually took me more time to deal with the new Ubuntu Unity interface than it did getting WebSDR server running. I originally installed 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), which still had a choice of Unity or the Gnome 2 interface (which I prefer). If I'd stopped there all would have been fine, but I decided to accept the upgrade prompt for 11.10. In that version they've done away with the Gnome 2 interface and I was left with a different Gnome fallback that was awful. So, I just dealt with Unity and I'm gradually adapting to it. 

The upshot of all this is that I'm soon going to be switching the Softrock from SDR-Radio to WebSDR running on the Linux box and using the 400 foot loop for the RX antenna. Too much going on today to finish, but by the weekend I hope to have it working. Once it's in place then folks won't have to download a special client like they do now to view the 30 meter spectrum. You'll just use your Java-enabled favorite web browser.  Eventually, I'm going to finish repair on an old PIII laptop I have, install Linux, and run WebSDR from there so it's on a dedicated machine that uses less power.

By the way, to compensate for my ever-changing IP address at the outside border of our DSL router I've been utilizing's server and their nifty DUC (Dynamic Update Client) client that keeps tabs on the WAN IP address and sends updates to No-IP to keep it in sync. Fortunately, they have a Linux client as well, so I can continue to use their service. I'll put up a post soon when I have the Softrock "on the air" again.

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