What do you think? Did David Bowie know what he was singing about when Changes first came out in 1971 (I was 17!); how those ch-ch-ch-changes were going to apply to him? Just imagine all the photos between these two as he followed and made the trends in pop music, photos in which you'd hardly recognize him compared to these (see the video below the fold). You may not like his music, but he is a remarkably creative and enduring person. 

Now, what does this have to do with ham radio? Well, ahem, ... I wish I could draw the link... but I can't. It's just a (weak) way to introduce the recent changes here at Cloud Warmer.

Regular visitors can't help but notice that there have been some mods to this site going on the past week. New layout, new theme, new banner, etc. I thought it was time for a face-lift as it was getting too cluttered for my taste and it sure doesn't hurt to move the furniture around a bit and re-paint a wall or two, does it? Anyway, I think I'm about through with the remodeling, just a little dust here and there to sweep up. I hope you like it.

I'm going to hit you all up for a favor in a minute, but take a look around, especially at the menu bar. I've added some new categories, though the contents are just a skeleton in most places, they need some more meat on their bones, so to speak. I would like to see things around here not just be about my everyday activities. More reference material, more fun stuff in terms of kits, circuits, operating guides, tips-n-tricks, the kind of stuff that might help out new hams or those in a hobby lull. 

I'd also like to encourage more guest bloggers to use this site, those who don't have the time to maintain their own site or blog, but who have something to share and who can fill in the gaps in my own skill and knowledge. Certainly, I have no megalomaniacal intentions  here of making this site some kind of ham radio nexus. It's just a blog, another voice in the on-line ham community, but it certainly has opportunities for improvement, and I'm open to suggestions!

That said, here comes the favor: If you haven't already, please take a little time to add yourself to my Google Followers, Like my Cloud Warmer FB page using that Facebook tab on the right, and add yourself to my Twitter feed (click that link or catch that blue-bird). 

Share anything here on Pinterest, too, or any of the other social media via the buttons on the bottom of the posts. All of that helps build traffic and that inspires me to improve and brings in new hams into this corner of the Web. Thanks in advance for your help!  

While any of you old rockers are doing the above, you can listen and watch the Ch-ch-ch-changes of David Bowie in the vid below. Enjoy!

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  1. Interesting Casey, although I personally liked your previous banner as it represent the title of your blog. This banner does only tell me the name by letters. I'm curious about the share buttons, they are not the ones you get with blogger, could you tell more about these? And please.....get rid of the blue bird, it's irritating and always sitting on David Bowies nose....
    73, Bas

  2. Bas,

    Sorry the bird bothers you, I've become sort of attached to it, now. HI. The share buttons require that you edit the HTML of the template. I found the code in a couple different blogs. I can send you the code if you like, just drop me an e-mail reminding me.



  3. postingan yang bagus tentang Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey