Where Are The Followers or Widget Gone Rogue!

[As of today, June 3rd, the Followers widget seems to have calmed down, so I've moved it up higher on the page. Since the behavior has just magically disappeared on its own without help from me, it appears it was yet another Blogger bug that they never bother to tell us about - CB]

Note to All: About a week ago the Google Followers widget (that shows little thumbnails of those who have chosen to follow this blog long-term) went wonky. It's done it on both this blog and my A Dull Roar blog. The behavior is a little difficult to explain if you are not seeing it on your browser, but it's as if the widget is in an infinite loop trying to re-size itself. The result is that it expands itself downwards with blank space over and over again. Thus, everything below it bounces up and down on the screen. 

That particular widget is opague, so I can't get inside it to change anything. I haven't been able to track it down by browser exactly, either. It seems to only happen in Firefox and only on certain versions. It doesn't show up in Chrome, for instance.

I am loathe to delete the widget altogether. So, I have moved it to the very bottom of the template so that it can do its wonkiness where it won't bother anything else on the page (you may notice your scrollbar bouncing up and down a bit). I didn't want anyone to think I was demoting my Followers. That is, of course, not the case. Blogger support has been no help so far, so I guess we all live with it until blogspot.com resolves it or I can finally get the blogs up on the Wordpress platform. Sorry about that!


  1. Hi Casey, I'm not shure I understand the problem. I can see the widget on your page without any problem. Though I think it is only a problem in Firefox?? I'm using chrome. 73, Bas

    1. Yes, it doesn't show in Chrome. It also seems to be OK with Firefox 11, but not 12. Very odd.

  2. Just as a follow-up, I really think this is a Firefox problem, especially with later releases (10 and up). It's a tough one for me because FF is such a widely used browser, but I'm about ready to ditch it myself. They still haven't fixed the horrendous memory leaks, which bring my system to a crawl. Seems FF is now suffering from the same bloat as Microsoft products.


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey


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