Softrock SDR on the Web - Update

[Update to the update: There was a mis-configuration in my LAN adapter settings that probably blocked the port, but that is now corrected and I've seen a connection (from India!) to the radio today. So, if you tried and failed to connect before, try, try again.]

If I can believe these log entries it appears that some folks were able to connect to the SDR-Radio server on my laptop today, though I haven't any comments or e-mails to confirm that. I didn't get a chance to try it myself from outside the LAN, maybe tomorrow.

There are still a couple of glitches that I know about. One, I forgot that I'd set my laptop to sleep after 2 hours of inactivity. I will set it for full on all night now.

The other problem is a combination of how port forwarding works in my DSL router and a cock-up in how my local IP address is set. In the router, when I set a port open (in this case 7900) I have to assign it a single IP address on the LAN side. There is no way to specify a range or use a wildcard. When I turn off the DHCP client on the laptop and try to give it a permanent IP address either the router or Windows 7 doesn't like that. So, I've had to manually make several entries in the port forwarding table for all the likely IP addrs the router issues (usually between *.2 and *.6). What a pain!  Even then it seems that sometimes can't (see me, that is). 

Hope you have some luck getting in, and let me know of any specific problems. Remember, it's at (port 7900  8080) and the login name is Guest and password costarica. You need some version of the SDR-Radio client (which is a really neat piece of software, btw). 73! 

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