Softrock on the Web ... not quite yet.

A couple of hours manifested for me to work on setting up an SDR server here, but I couldn't quite close the deal. I'm trying to use SDR-Radio and its server program. In the middle of configuring that I received an e-mail from Pieter-Tjerk, who wrote the WebSDR server inquiring whether I had Linux and what my upload bandwidth is, but I'm forging ahead with SDR-Radio for the time being. So, the steps I've taken so far:
  1. Configured the server software, which took a few passes to get right
  2. Got a account so I can use a DDNS since my DSL router's IP changes at every re-boot
  3. Added port forwarding in the DSL router to port 7900 (the default)
  4. Turned off my firewall
  5. Tested that the port is open with
  6. Tested connection to the server locally (localhost)
Everything seems fine up to that point. The problem is when I try to log-in to the server using the address ( I get the router's admin log-in popup. No joy either with

I seem to recall that when I was setting up our webcam on the 'net that I had the same problem, which I think is that I just can't get to that DNS IP from the inside, i.e. from the LAN. I'll re-check everything here again and the next time I go to town find an access point with the netbook to see if I can get to the server from the outside. 

Meanwhile, I will leave the SDR and laptop on today with the server running if anyone wants to give it a try:  You do need a copy of SDR-Radio running on your end and the login is Guest, password costarica


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