April is Kit Month

I'm declaring April to be National  ... Local Kit Month!

Now that the summer projects are winding down and I finally have the workshop cleaned up, I thought I'd take inventory of the kits I have laying around. That's most of them in the picture. I'm pretty sure I have a couple others tucked away, too. The K1EL WKUSB 2 and the K2 firmware upgrade are the most recent arrivals, along with a replacement soldering iron for my Hakko knock-off soldering station. I have been waiting for that iron for months so that I could start in on the SoftRock Lite II SDR kit just above it, which has SMD parts to mount, a first for me. The other kits are just things I thought would be useful along the way, an audio amp, DC voltage converter, a small adjustable power supply, and parts to convert a PC headphone set to work with the Ten-Tec's 4-pin mic jack.

You might think the K2 FW upgrade would be first out of the gate, but guess what? Having sat on its shelf for a couple of months the K2 encoder is now working just fine again (go figger). Not one to disturb sleeping dogs, I'll let that be until when it undoubtedly goes wonkers again, but why fix what ain't broke? So, instead, I think I'll start with the WinKey keyer. With that box done I can forgo the extra serial cable at the house station for keying from N1MM Logger, which will also isolate the keying from any OS fiddling with said serial port, which has happened from time to time. 

Once I've got the soldering iron broken in on that kit I'll probably dig into the SDR kit, which should be a bit more challenging, but also more rewarding. Haven't decided yet for which band I'll build it, but I'm thinking 30 meters. If it goes well I will also try to install it behind the WebSDR interface, though my Internet bandwidth is not going to allow more than one external connection at a time. 

Let the fun begin!

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