Another Mission Improbable Mystery Radio

This guess-the-RX is going to be a little tougher than the last one, though maybe someone will spot their old SW receiver and know it straight off. Not much to go on here as this is the only shot of it from the show, MI season 4, episode 8, right at the tail end of the program.

Mystery Radio
I tried to enhance the shot as much as I could. Again, the brand name is blocked out with tape, this time blue. Whether that "Communications Receiver" printing is really a part of the original radio or not, ... well, I doubt it. This looks like a cheapo 60s desktop radio to me. 

I've been searching images on Google, but haven't found the perfect match yet. The closest I've found is a Heathkit GR-64. Knob layout is the same, but the name's in the wrong place, the bands are designated with letters, not numbers, and the S-meter is totally different. 

Heathkit GR-64

Anyway, take a guess in the comments.

I think I like these old M.I. shows as much for the story as for the entertainment of poking holes left and right in the technology they use.   

In this particular episode the receiver is used to listen to a very improbably small bug (the size of a button) that Paris (Leonard Nimoy) plants in an upstairs office just before leaving the building. He and the boss, Jim Phelps, sit in the back seat of the getaway car listening to the bug on this MW/SW radio! How does that work without an antenna on the bug? Also, as you can surmise, the radio is a desktop model, not a portable, so how are they powering it in the back seat? Oh, and the S-meter never moves. Funny!


  1. Give up? OK, I finally located a picture of this rig: The Space Ranger!

  2. Hi Casey,

    Tnx for the reference to my Eico 711. Didn't know that radio had played in an MI episode, but then I rarely watch TV.
    (I'd rather play with my radios!)
    73, Rich KB8TAD

    1. As I continue to watch more episodes I see the Eico and the Lafayette in more and more episodes. In one they even appear together. The last one I saw with one of those radios the Lafayette had a mic!! LOL!


Thanks very much for your comment! 73, Casey


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