Argo V PSK working now, WSPR not so much

Update 2016: As my original post below notes, I was unable to get CAT to work with my Ten-Tec 516 using the default settings in the WSPR program a few years back. I just came back to that problem, did a Google search and the top 4 results were this post and my 3 queries on various reflectors on this topic, which were unanswered.

So, I took another crack at it and voilá it is now working. The default settings in WSPR are just plain wrong and here is a screen shot of the correct values to put in the user parameters:

Naturally, your choice of CAT port depends on your own PC, but all the fields below that are the ones you should choose if you have an Argonaut V longing to transmit WSPR. Judging by the lack of response to my previous queries, probably no one cares about this, hi hi, but it is now here for reference at least.

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Instead of guessing at the right values for a voltage divider attenuator, I wired in a 100K audio pot to the audio out line from the Ten Tec Argonaut V. Setting it right about in the middle gives me a lot more wiggle room on the Windows mic level control now. I may just use it this way or measure the values and use fixed resistors all shrink-wrapped up.

Clearly, the waterfall is now cleaned up as it should be.

Little joy on the TT516 for WSPR use, however. There the CAT control seems entirely broken. Can't change frequency, can't PTT. Just gives protocol and command rejected errors. I did manage to receive by changing frequency manually and was able to transmit using the PTT control in Flrig, but that's hardly a solution.

I've seen indirectly that a few folks have gotten it working with their Argonaut V, though. I have an e-mail out to VK4CRO to see how he did it. I hope I don't have to make up a special mic cable and trigger off DTR or RTS on the serial port directly. I wonder why the TT516 control commands don't work in WSPR 2.11 anyway. Perhaps they were never tested?

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